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The best store where to buy your new bike!

The best store where to buy your new bike!

www.bicycle.run is our new online store. The season is starting. Your bike is waiting for you!

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General terms and conditions for the purchase of products and services from "Rdrbikes.com"

Rdrbikes.com invites each user carefully read these general conditions of sale (Terms and conditions

1) ownership of the Site – applicable law – Discipline for purchase through this site.

1.1. The applicability, however here not covered and/or waived, the Legislative Decree of September 6, 2006 # 205 in respect of distance selling to consumers and the Legislative Decree of April 9, 2003 # 70 in matters of Commerce, the General conditions governing the purchase of products and services promoted on the site www.Rdrbikes.com ("Site"); 

1.2. The products distributed by Rdrbikes.com through its website are made, express purposesicativo not limited to bicycles, frames, cycling accessories, supplements, etc. Rdrbikes.com also offers certain services generally associated with repair of the products. All products and services made available to customers are shown on the homepage of the website and/or within the different web pages the same.

1.3. The terms and procedures for the purchase of products and/or services offered by Rdrbikes.com through the website are contained in these general conditions, integrated, where the characteristics of the products or services offered make this necessary, by specific provisions and technical instructions from time to time indicated on the website or by specific agreements reached between the customer and Rdrbikes.com

1.4. The range of products and services Rdrbikes.com is directed both to consumer customers that others Customers: catch, for "consumers" refers to the physical persons who purchase products and/or services presented on the site for purposes unrelated to professional or entrepreneurial activity which they carried out in accordance with the provisions of legislativeDecree. September 6, 2005 # 206.

1.5. Rdrbikes.com may modify, without prior notice, the terms and conditions. Such changes will take effect as from the day of their publication on the site: However, purchase orders forwarded to Rdrbikes.com before the publication changes mentioned above will apply the general terms and conditions in force at the time of conclusion of the contract of sale.


2) buying procedure – conclusion of contract of sale

2.1. The Visual representation of the products and/or services on the site, if available, is typically for a mere photographic reproduction thereof and has the sole purpose of presenting them for sale, without incurring any obligation or warranty express or implied commitment of Rdrbikes.com about the exact correspondence of the image depicted on the website with your product and/or service with particular reference – in relation to the goods-for its size and/or color aspects of book covers and/or package.

2.2. the publication on the website of products and/or services constitutes an invitation for users to formulate a Rdrbikes.com a purchase proposal.

2.3. If a particular product or Service should be presented on the site in a different area than those earmarked for purchase, or at least it wasn't littleYou can select the "proceed to checkout" or "book" (in case of products and/or services available on reservation), you shall be deemed to be not available for sale. 2.4. Each order submitted by the customer in Rdrbikes.com has the value of a contractual proposal to Rdrbikes.com and must have been formulated by filling out the online form with all data required and marked as mandatory 

2.5. If the Client fails to fill in some of the fields of the order marked as mandatory the system will not allow the sending of the order the same to Rdrbikes.com: only the outcome of the exact build of your Order with all the data required, the customer will be entitled to the shipment of the order.

2.7. Once filled in the order form, click on "proceed to checkout" or "book" (in case of products and/or services available on reservation), the customer will be prompted to read and accept the General conditions and any special conditions: in the absence of this reading and acceptance, the order cannot be forwarded to Rdrbikes.com. The outcome of this transaction, the order will be autoaticamente forwarded to Rdrbikes.com.

2.8. Received the order, Rdrbikes.com will automatically send to the client, the same e-mail address specified in the order 

2.9. It is understood that the confirmation of receipt does not constitute acceptance of a contract proposal made by the customer with the order, but simply a confirmation of receipt of the order by the system.

2.10. Rdrbikes.com has right to refuse orders, without the customer to make rights or claims against Rdrbikes.com for any reason. In case of non-acceptance of the order by Rdrbikes.com, the latter shall promptly return to the customer what they already paid for the purposes of the order. For the purposes referred to in this article. 2.10, in any case understood that in the event that the customer, during the formulation of the order, he had chosen as the method of payment will be no refund payable by Mark Rdrbikes.com <2.11. The contract is deemed concluded (i) at the time of acceptance of the order by Rdrbikes.com sent to the e-mail address indicated by the client in the same order or (ii) tacitly, if after 48 hours from receipt of the order by Rdrbikes.com which results from the receipt, in case the same Rdrbikes.com not send to the client, the same email address indicated in the order communication from the acceptance of the order (not below

2.12. Receipt of the acceptance of the order by Rdrbikes.com or time after the 48 hours of receipt of the order by Rdrbikes.com without which the latter has given notice to the non-acceptance, the same Rdrbikes.com will process the transactions necessary to the shipment of the products selected by the customer: this expedition will be given specific notice to customer by email sent to the email address supplied by the customer with the order.

2.13. The purchase of products and/or services is reserved for people over age or that still have the capacity to act: for other purchases may be made by a minor provided that it is carried out or authorized by whoever exercises parental authority. Rdrbikes.com declines any responsibility if incapacitated subjects act in breach of that rule. 2.14. The status of each order can be viewed by the customer on the website under "my orders", which the customer may access through the links on the acceptance e-mail to Rdrbikes.com or by clicking on the mail icon at the bottom of each page of the web site by entering your chosen authentication credentials when ordering. 2.15. the client shall have the right to change and/or cancel your order, as well as the personal and contact information previously entered, through the specific duties provided for in the aforesaid section, until the order is not qualified as "departing": this wording distinguishes the order at the stage of preparation of the shipment to the customer at the address of Desunit from the same designated.

2.16. Every contract of sale will be filed from Rdrbikes.com via an electronic system and can be viewed, if necessary, by both the staff of Rdrbikes.com that from any third parties of which it serves for performance of the contract of sale.


3) price of goods and services Rdrbikes.com

3.1. The prices of products and services published on the homepage or in the various site sections dedicated to each product and/or service include Incl. and do not include any fees and/or taxes.

3.2. Any duties or taxes applicable in the country of destination of the products and/or services where this differs from Italy, will be fully borne by the customer. Those sums will be calculated automatically during the finalization of the Order

3.3. Your total order price will include, in addition to the amounts referred to in art. 3.2., as well as the shipping cost, the amount of which will vary depending on the mode chosen by the customer, delivery and payment as well as in connection with the destination country.

3.4. the total amount payable for the products and/or services selected will be clearly identified and communicated to the customer in advance of the conclusion of the process of formulation of the order, and, dufive, before the conclusion of the contract of sale.


4) payment 

4.1. payments running of sales contracts may be made by credit card, Postepay, PayPal, by bank transfer or cash on delivery.

4.2. Rdrbikes.com reserves the right to authorize the use of additional methods of payment upon customer's request: it is understood that, as a derogation from the provisions of these terms and conditions means the authorisation given by Rdrbikes.com to the customer to use a different mode of payment will be a special condition applies only to the payment of the purchase referred to in Order that this concession refers./p <4.3. when the wording of the order, the customer is obliged to clearly indicate the method of payment chosen.

4.4. Rdrbikes.com reserves the right to check, at any time, the ownership of the payment instrument used (if credit card, PostePay, PayPal) or eligibility to purchase products or services from the site (see limitation provisions of the previous condition 2.13): this, requiring the Client sending additional information and/or documents. If the customer does not comply with richieSte of Rdrbikes.com, the latter shall be entitled to refuse the order, or to withdraw from the sales contract already perfected, giving timely notice to the customer Email address. 4.5. If the customer decides to proceed with the purchase of products and/or services with payment by credit card, Paypal or PayPal, the total amount due for each sales contract will be charged upon shipment of goods selected or previous business day the shipment itself.

4.6. payment through Paypal will be redirected to the Paypal site, where they can be refined the procedures for transferring sums due to Rdrbikes.com. The financial data of the customer will be handled directly by Paypal and will not be shared with Rdrbikes.com. The total amount of each contract of sale will be charged only when dispatching the goods and/or Services selected or the previous working day.

4.7. The payment for goods and/or services by cash on delivery, to be made upon delivery, is a payment intended for shipments delivered in Italian territory; the payment, in which case you will be executed in cash, to be delivered to the shipper upon delivery of the products: nothing more than indicated in the sales contract swill be due from the customer to the carrier. Moreover, in compliance with money laundering regulations (Legislative Decree 231/07 as amended) and, in particular, the rules concerning restrictions on the use of cash and bearer bonds (article 49), you will not be able to ship products or provide services payable with cash worth more than €. 1,000 .00. = (thousand/00)

4.8. in case the customer chooses payment by bank transfer to the account payable to:

Via Carlo D’Angiò N.4
71045 reffannes


unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, the order will be processed by Rdrbikes.com only after the accreditation of the total amount of the order on the bank account. 4.9. regardless of the chosen method of payment, the customer, by going to the "my orders", will have the opportunity to:

4.9.1. erase all or part of your order until it is qualified as "departing", in accordance with art. <4.9.2. Add to Order new products and/or services, or change the order in which case, this will involve sending a new contract proposal made by customer to Rdrbikes.com and, therefore, it will apply the provisions of art. 2. 4.10. In case of non-papayment-for whatever reason-the price specified in the contract of sale, Rdrbikes.com reserves the right to terminate for default by the client, with immediate effect, sales agreements in place with the customer as well as to block the purchase functions attributed to the customer by giving immediate written notice to the customer, while remaining without prejudice to the right of Rdrbikes.com to apply for the refreshment of any additional damage suffered.

4.11. invoices will not be delivered to the customer via regular mail or by e-mail, but will be made available on the website, under "my orders" after the shipment of the goods by <Rdrbikes.com/span & lg;


5) delivery of products

5.1. customer delivery times shown on the site are purely indicative. Availability and delivery times may vary compared to what is indicated, both because of the contemporary purchase of that product or service from a large number of users, both as employees from third-party vendors and not controllable.

5.2. Rdrbikes.com is not responsible for any delays which occurred during transportation and, therefore, no commitment, nor does it guarantee full respect for delivery times indicated on the site and/or in the order.

5.3. Rdrbikes.com calls on the customerto periodically check the order status in "my orders" section of the site and to contact the customer service department: in this section also indicated the Order of articles. 5.8. <5.4. All product shipments will be at risk of Rdrbikes.com: Rdrbikes.com in fact ensures compliance with quality standards for products and services only until the first delivery attempt at the place of delivery as referred to in art. 5.7.

5.5. for each contract of sale perfected through the site Rdrbikes.com will issue a delivery note, of which a copy will be sent to the Email address of the customer: this document, when sent to the client, it can no longer be modified

5.6. in order to deliver the products and/or services ordered by the customer, is always required the presence of the client or the third recipient specified by the customer or their agent: If none of these persons was available and at the place of delivery upon delivery (hereinafter

5.7. If the customer or the third recipient from the latter indicated that a representative of the latter is not available even on the second delivery attempt, the product will be retained in storage by the carrier for a maximum period of 15 days from the second delivery attempt (below

5.8. In the case provided for in art. 5.7. the client can contact customer support by Rdrbikes.com that will communicate the headquarters of courier company at which the product can be collected: the customer must go to the location indicated with calling card "dropping off by courier. There will be incurred any additional costs for Storage.

5.9. Time after a period of storage without the customer or the third recipient designated by the latter or their responsible have withdrawn the product in accordance with the requirements of art. 5.6. and 5.7., the product will fall at the warehouse of Rdrbikes.com: in this case the customer no later than 30 days from the expiry of the period of storage intervened, can recover from Rdrbikes.com either:

5.9.1. a second shipment of the product (hereinafter

5.9.2. the refund of amounts paid for the order: stop that Rdrbikes.com shall be entitled to retain the amount paid by the customer all costs incurred by the same for the first shipment, including any consideration for the inventory, as well as any duties and taxes; remains also intended that the right to reimbursement under this article. 5.9.2 is excluded in the event that the customer when ordering chose as a means of payment/p <5.10. Rdrbikes.com reserves the right to terminate the contract of sale or to split, postpone or cancel all or part of the expected delivery in cases of force majeure, unavailability of transportation, unpredictable events, if these events lead to an excessive delay in delivery or make them difficult or impossible and/or cause a significant increase in the relative cost of Rdrbikes.com : in this case, Rdrbikes.com will send timely notice to the Email address of the customer, who shall be entitled to obtain a refund of the price paid, possibly remaining excluded any any further claim or compensation, in any capacity, against Rdrbikes.com.


6) right of withdrawal of the customer – withdraw Rdrbikes.com

6.1. Under articles. 64 and following of the code of consumption, the consumer customer (i.e. the customer that present the characteristics referred to in art. 1.4. is entitled to cancel the purchase

6.2. in order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the consumer must send a registered letter with return receipt to be sent within 10 working days from receipt of the selected products and/or services ordered at the following address:

RDR BIKES Customer Service Office
Via Carlo D’Angiò N.4
71045 reffannes

6.3. Communication with the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal can be anticipated at Rdrbikes.com by filling out the form on this website to the web page http://www.Rdrbikes.com/contattacibut must be confirmed by registered letter referred to in art. 6.2.: is that the withdrawal will become effective only upon timely receipt by the Rdrbikes.com of that's recommended.

6.4. Returning products subject to withdrawal should be carried out, at the expense of the consumer, by courier of your choice, to the following address: Rdrbikes.com, Via Carlo D’Angiò N.4 - 71045 Orta Nova (FG), Italy.

6.5. the right of withdrawal may be exercised by the following terms and conditions:

6.5.1. the withdrawal may practice also limited individual products and/or services which are the subject of a single contract of sale, still remainsWhen the consumer cannot exercise the withdrawal is limited to a portion of each product and/or service purchased;

6.5.2. all products and/or service for which the consumer has exercised his right of withdrawal must be intact at par with the original package, complete in all its parts including packing material, any seals affixed, as well as any additional documentation;

6.5.3. If the product for which you have exercised the right of withdrawal is received damaged in Rdrbikes.com, this can refuse the product and/or service returned by the customer giving timely notice to the consumer to Email address in order to enable him to exercise his right of recourse against the carrier of choice for product returns to/spa <Rdrbikes.com;n

6.5.4. Rdrbikes.com shall not be liable in any circumstances for damage, theft or loss of products being returned, until the delivery thereof at its offices: any risk is therefore the sole responsibility of the consumer.

6.6. In the event of a valid exercise of the right of withdrawal, Rdrbikes.com will refund the consumer the purchase price of the product and/or service which is the subject of that right of withdrawal and the shipping of the goods not later than 30 days the same date on which Rdrbikes.com received the product or ServCJ returned.

6.7 the consumer will receive a refund depending on the chosen method of payment at the time of order and so:

6.7.1 if paying by credit card, Paypal or Paypal will receive a refund on the same card, according to the procedures and timelines required by suppliers of such payment instruments;

6.7.2. when paying by bank transfer or cash on delivery, you will receive your refund by wire transfer: in this case, the notice of withdrawal referred to in art. 6.2., must inform the bank transfer (IBAN and holder of the current account).

6.8. If the consumer violate all or part of the provisions relating to withdrawal by the terms of use, and in particular by this art. 6, the sale contract will remain valid and effective and Rdrbikes.com will return the products unduly made to consumers, charging the latter with its postage.

6.9. Rdrbikes.com has the right to withdraw from any contract of sale concluded by any client, giving the same written notice by registered a/r; Similarly, Rdrbikes.com will not accept any orders from customers that we have implemented regular behavior, we did not accept products purchased by cod, are suspectedof conduct contrary to the law or in cases where the non-acceptance is required by an order of a court.


7) warranty –

7.1. where products or services are given a warranty recognized by manufacturers, any defects or discrepancies must be reported directly to the manufacturer as indicated on the product packaging or the illustrated brochure.

7.2. unless mandatory forecast, Rdrbikes.com say that they have no responsibility for any defects or non-conformity of the product. Remains save the guarantee for the consumer pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005.

7.3. the consumer in this case must, under penalty of forfeiture, report to Rdrbikes.com the defect found Rdrbikes.com's customer support department using the methods referred to in art. 6.2. within a period of 2 (two) months from the date of discovery of the defect.

7.4. Rdrbikes.com will use reasonable efforts to replace so that the manufacturer and/or supplier provide for replacing, at its own expense and within a reasonable period, the defective product. If this is not possible, or would be prohibitively expensive for Rdrbikes.com, the consumer shall be entitled to terminate the contract of sale and, consequently, to obtain a refund of any sums he poursyou for purchasing and shipping the product, excluding any further responsibility of Rdrbikes.com, for any reason or for any reason.

7.5. If the customer detect any discrepancies between what was ordered and what was received, and in particular, finds any problem inherent in the physical, correspondence or completeness of the products received, shall promptly inform customer service of/spa <Rdrbikes.com.n

7.6. The customer will provide the information needed to solve the problem, and where possible, to ship items missing, the replacement of defective items or their refund.

7.7. In no event will request the refund to the customer at his own expense of defective or received in error.


8) communications and complaints

8.1. All communications or any complaints against Rdrbikes.com must be directed to the customer service Department of Rdrbikes.com, by filling in the form on the contacts page.

8.2. Alternatively, the customer may send a letter, headed to ' Rdrbikes.com Srl Unipersonale, Via Montepulciano 7, 20124 Milano '


<9) intellectual property/span & lg;

9.1. Customer represents andacknowledges that all trademarks, designs, logos, intellectual property, software and databases, or any other rights of intellectual and industrial property is accessible from and/or reproduced on the site in any way or form, including the Rdrbikes.com logo are the exclusive property of Rdrbikes.com or Rdrbikes.com or/span

9.2. Rdrbikes.com does not respond, however, brands, trademarks and other intellectual and industrial property rights relating to the products and/or Services for sale on the site whose owners are expressly indicated (hereinafter, the rights referred to in this article. 10.2. and art. 10.1.

9.3. Any use of intellectual or industrial property rights in any way or form, in whole or in part without the prior written permission of Rdrbikes.com or its licensors is prohibited.



10) Privacy

To the processing of personal data by the community of Rdrbikes.com, please refer to the dedicated area of the site, accessible at the following address: http://www.Rdrbikes.com/it/privacy-policy


11) Nonotice of reference –

11.1. these general conditions shall be governed and interpreted according to Italian law; Similarly, any special terms and conditions and any contract of sale will be governed and interpreted according to Italian law.

11.2. Any dispute relating to the terms and conditions, special conditions or to sales contracts shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Foggia, without prejudice to the application of mandatory rules of law protecting consumers.

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